How I paint comics - The Techno Templar #35

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Welcome to chapter IV of my 100% watercolour, sci-fi, surreal graphic story for a deep insight into its making. In the previous chapter, our protagonnists got digitalised by a sort of huge machine called "Node 32" and then must fight other Techno-Templars that are trying to erase Devlok. While their real bodies are driven towards a termination device, we learn through a incursion of Devlok's memories, that the whole Temple is corrupted by A.I's which are embeding chips in young humans in order to control them. Node 32 ends by saving Devlok and Phtae and throw them into a new mission, make the capsule hatch properly ...






If you don't know, "Devlok, the Techno-Templar" is a dive into a world of artificial intelligences and synthetic humanoids. Where life seem to be extinct and considered a virus, it is actually still fighting to thrive...

So, let's see how I did that page by starting by the very beginning, the story board. The good, old, only readable by me, plan. You can see that I wanted to add the eyes of "Node 32" in the background but somehow I didn't keep that idea. The text aslo changed drasticly.

After having done rough sketches, I first inked the "frieze" that is surrounding the panels. If you read the previous chapters, you can see that the frieze was at first on every pages. I stopped to do it for a question of time, and then did it again for the beginning of this chapter, there are also more later.

Now, finishing the details of the pencils.

I have drawn the onomatopeias in order to see what space they would take and which sound I wanted to give them, their loudness... but erased them to make them separately later.

Colour is already pretty much on its way. I want to be honnest, I wasn't really sure of what I was doing on this page with the lanscapes, somehow it confused me a lot and I end up with that weird storm that, whitout having it planned, I decided to include in the story.



Always painting at least another page at the same time!

Now colouring that frieze, adding more details and re-outlining.



And very last, the onomatopoeias on a separate sheet, that I paint with watercolour too, scan and inlay. Plus of course the text.

Thank you for having read my post! You can find the previous pages by scrolling my profile down.

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Thanks for the

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Amazing work and dedication again @haedre! :D


Thank you so much @sanderjansenart .)

You are killer @headre, I have no real words to express admiration for your work.

Very awesome post, as usual, @haedre :> Love the step by step and how you colour your pages * ___ * That stormy sky is so pretty :D

Also the onomatopoeia is great !!!


Thank you for the recurrent, nice and supportive comment mr Spider!!
Homemade onomatopeias are crunchy .)

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Fantastic! you have an incredible talent! I love how you do the details! You have won a new fan and follower!

Dear Artzonian, thanks for using the #ArtzOne hashtag. Your work is valuable to the @ArtzOne community. Quote of the week: Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics. -Victor Pinchuk

It's all really cool. especially like the sky. Did you something to mask before you painting the watercolor?


Thank you for the comment @zenskull! No, no mask in this one .)

Masterfully done!

Amazing work!

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Very well done! I like the details! great work!

Super!!! What a painstaking work! I do not cease to admire you!

You great bro. I like that. The process is very complete, making others like this

I always amazed by the manual skills. Awesome @haedre!

wow so love this!! comics is my substitute to the television when my favorite anime has yet to be aired...what i loved most is the story line with crazy action pack drawings...

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you are amazingly talented, i'm starting my first comic, and this is a great source of inspiration, love the moebius influence capture in your style.

Incredible work! So clean and yet so detailed! Thank you for sharing this as well as your process!