Daily Sketch #3 Napoleon, Viva la France ;P

in art •  last year

Today sketch is all about France, and their beloved Napoleon.

Viva la France ;P

Mother language on botom

Based on Napoleon Bonaparte on war horse
Jacques Louis David, 1800

Tell me what do You think? Do u like to draw historical art? :)
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Dzisiejszy post jest o Francji i ich ukochanym Napoleonie. Naszkicowane na podstawie Napoleon Bonaparte on war horse, Jacques Louis David, 1800. Napisz co uważasz. Jeżeli jesteś zainteresowany tworzeniem tego typu grafik, zapraszam do współpracy.
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Thank you for sharing this, following you

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Hi, i like it, i'll follow you. If you love France go check my steemit @louishugo , hope you like it ;)

Very nice sketch. I've gone through and checked out a few of your other sketches as well. You've got some great stuff!


Thank You! I just startet my journey with Steem <3 ;)