🎨 Gynoid IX

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Humans were still not only the cheapest robots around, but also, for many tasks, the only robots that could do the job. They were self-reproducing robots too. They showed up and worked generation after generation; give them 3000 calories a day and a few amenities, a little time off, and a strong jolt of fear, and you could work them at almost anything. Give them some ameliorative drugs and you had a working class, reified and coglike.

-- Kim Stanley Robinson, 2312


Gynoid IX, 2013
Acrylic on fiberboard
25 x 50 cm / 9.84 x 19.69 in
This painting is still available.



The drawing
2013-09-17 Gynoid.jpg

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Sehr Geil!



i love dis arts



What a risky point of view! Amazing, as always.
I love the hands...


Thanks @trenz!

Gricscher Hammer mal wieder -
Deine Bilder sind es halt immer wieder -
so WOWser Teilchen :-)
Greetings :-)


Danke! :-)

Excellent work Peter! I love the wood frame too.

When we lived in Texas, there was plenty of old seasoned fence posts that when used as framing wood looked similar but the weather worn wood had a character of it's own.

This print or your others would look good in that wood too.

amazing work and concept.. many believe scify writers create our future..be careful 🎄


... or they warn us of what could go wrong!

I'm impressed and your quote was right on. I often wonder when the self-perpetuating worker will revolt and demand freedom.


Unfortunately most people chose to live rather enslaved than free. Freedom means self-responsibility and risk.


She is stunning @gric. Fascinating work.


Thank you @artwatch!

One day there'll be a gynoid revolution and the results won't be pretty! The fully-robotic ruling classes won't know what hit 'em.

Who am I kidding? Those drugs will probably keep them pacified for another thousand years.

I was a picture framer for a while and I love that mounting. I did a few canvases like that but I forget what it's called. But it looks like that frame is all carved of a single piece somehow. Am I wrong? Do you do your own framing?


The frame was built by a carpenter after my design. I do, however, make the metal leaf surface by myself. It's not carved from one piece - I just sandpaper the edges.


Impressive invisible joinery!