🎨 Cataclysm II

in art •  11 months ago

I could see the old decomposing world
and from its death-reeking body to originate new worlds.
New small egg-worlds ready to create life.
And then I tasted my lips.
The sepulchral flavour was gone forever.
I had been the only survivor to see that life-giving spectacle.

-- Evlampia Tsireli

Cataclysm II, 2008-2009
Acrylic/oil on fiberboard
20 x 40 cm / 7.87 x 15.75 in


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most beautiful things in the world they must be felt with the heart. ...just like your works peter,


Thank you Adele!

So evocative. The composition is so good too, the explosive/meteor counterbalanced with the saucer shaped cloud and held in triangular balance (the Renaissance triangle) by the spheroid in the foreground. Really breathtaking.

Kind of " End of the World" scary ! :(
But great! :-)


Thank you!

Urgewaltig - Gric-scher Hammer mal wieder - genial :-)



This painting of yours reminds me so much of the recurring nightmare that had haunted me during my childhood. In my nightmare, I was out in an open field where a huge ball was chasing me, and I couldn't run away from it because I was so slow...

Great painting, @gric!


Thanks Dan! I just hope the painting doesn't make your nightmare come back! :-)


LOL! I'll let you know if it does :)

Apocalypse site loading...
Wonderful clouds, I can see that storm coming. I love the light coming out of the cracks in them!


Thanks Ruth!

Very cool!! Upvoted and resteemed



Is this a graphics