🎨 "Artificial Sleep" - original painting in acrylics and oils

in art •  last year


Artificial Sleep, 2000
Acrylic/oil on fiberboard
40 x 30 cm / 15.75 x 11.81 in


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I kind of feel that way about all of the power lines that crisscross Australia.

Very nice. Reminds me of the surrealist painters.


Yes, that seems to be @gric 's style.
By the way, really nice job gric.

I love your detail work, color palettes, and themes, but what really keeps me hooked on your art is that every piece is very thought provoking for me. Each one suggests a history, a story of a fantastic world that my imagination works to unravel.

Another outstanding piece gric. If I ever develop into a legit author and write a scifi novel, I'd absolutely hire you as the artist.


Thank you @aksounder!

Women have cold. Nice.

Fantastic artwork ! I like it very much !

The abstraction of color contrast and imaginary point of expression of artificial sleep is very satisfying , great artwork @gric :)

i looked at your site some time ago... and i like all of them :) But the"buildings" most of all!

Maybe that's why I'm so tired all the time... I'm just so wired.

again excellent drawing my friend !You captured beauty in a picture. I really admire your work. thankyou sharing ..

Looks like a dream...

That be some pretty tasty stuff there. Great work. Thanks for sharing.

imaginative detail. . .

Beautiful painting!! Artistic!! Good job..

Cool ich glaub das kenn ich noch gar nicht :-)))

What a beatiful painting, Peter! Happy New Year!

By the way, what happened to your bittrex account? Did you get the verification issue resolved?

Great contrast between the softness of the woman and the intricate sharp cable braid.

I feel like this sometimes, after a bath