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As Snug as a Bug in a ... Seedpod? :)

I love this, as is usual for your work, just so evocative of the plight of human kind in an ethereal way.

I've been offline a bit for a couple days. I tried popping into fb but it's just too much. I find I have to struggle to stay online anymore...

Thank goodness for steemit anyway, another wonderful piece @gric


Thank you Donna! :-)

There is such a phobia in front of objects with a large number of holes, it has something to do with it. After that, a great picture, it impresses something hard and fragile, something like fractal aqueducts from a shell of chicken eggs.


This one was actually inspired by Radiolarians.


yes, these things also, in primo :)

Amazing work! The pattern reminds me of the semipermeabel cell membrane of the arteria of the glomerulus in the kidney. I just had a class on kidney so thats how I came up with the association. I see kidneys everywhere. The patterns are so amazing to me. Your drawing extends the pattern to more dimensions. Thank you for sharing. It is so beautiful :)


Thanks @yoganarchista! The inspiration to this came from Radiolarians.


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Wow this is so different in a good way! And it's the first time I see someone use acrylic paint so 'softly' it looks just great!

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Killer, as usual :)


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