Ok then..

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So I did a bit more sketching and think I found the flowers I wanted to add to finish this piece off. Threw in a few hibiscus and it seemed to move in the direction I was thinking.... gonna let this one rest for a few days and then see how I feel about it. Got a few more colored leads to sketch with so it will give me time to get a little space from this drawing :)

green skull4.jpg

green skull3.jpg

green skull2.jpg

Pre flowers.....

green skull.jpg

Thanks for stopping by...
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I love this. I saw your little video of it on insta, so cool to see you thickening lines.

Thank you.... everyone kept thinking these were pens I was drawing with so I thought I would show a bit so I could stop telling hahahaha

Oh, I love your line work! I though it was a pen too still I saw the last image.

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really nice ! you have very good lineart work and i love the way you control your line depth <3