More cacti...

in art •  18 days ago

This was the other canvas that hangs next to the orange/ green cacti one. Was going for more of a night and day theme with the two and they look pretty cool hanging next to each other. As with the other one I added to the line weight and details. Then I went back and made sure to give a bit of highlights and whatnot. Got a few more paintings i'm giving a little face lift to, so I'll be posting more art on art soon hahaha.

Acrylic and ink on canvas...

left cactus3.jpg

left cactus2.jpg

and both of them together...

left cactus.jpg

Thanks for checking out the art...

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Gosh, this is a gorgeous accompaniment to the first one, @gotmeens. It is almost as if the sun has moved from the first canvas and now the light of the day shows off there are more colours of the earth than just green....

The inking and detailing and the white highlights are so wonderful !


Thank you so much!! I was really trying to do something that you could tell was really similar, but just different enough to draw you through both of the pieces. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment :)