Drawing while I work #22 - Reptilian Commander - Original draw

in art •  last month

Reptilian leader


Reptilian rising from the hollow earth to takeover the world, tired of being hide from the humankind goes up above to the human civilization to realized that their existence its just a mere theory and that people used them as a joke for some conspiracy ones, This reptilian had enough of humans and of living in the shadows so started an avenge crusade to free their race, taking the position of the leader of this revolution, their hard skins makes them almost invulnerable to human artillery which is a great advantage because that is what humans used the most in their wars.

The theories of this race in our society has increased thanks to the internet and some stories that people have invented about some leaders of the world, monarchy and such of them being reptilians who are taking us to our own destruction and then take complete control over the surface of the world.

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The theories of this race in our society has increased thanks to the internet and some stories that people have invented

I hope you realise most, but not all, of the theories are being pushed by the US Government itself, as part of the DARPA's Narrative Networks program.

Their logic is:

  • It is easier to bury a valid Conspiracy Theory (9/11) among a lot of insane theories, than to attempt to deny it.

Guess what? It's working.


Well, you are right! @trincowski

Eyy, awesome job!
Why did they hide so far and live in the shadows?

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Are they the Moloch? I think I've heard of 'em... I can't believe that some people think there are underground reptilian people that want to takeover the world XD

Nice pose ! He looks like a determined and confident fellow, no wonder he became a leader of his revolution :) The shading is nicely done, but I think the hands are different size from one hand to the other? (I do this a lot myself)


Yes, the size of the hands are different, that was intentional, I can't either. haha xD @veryspider

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