Drawing while I work #20 - Cyborg Tengu watering his plants- Original draw

in art •  2 months ago

Cyborg Tengu taking good care of his plants.


Before getting out on a killing rampage, this Cyborg Tengu waters his plants and takes care of them. He thinks that this activity calm his mind and soul from all the things he has done but also makes him understand that is his job to keep the balance of the world by killing everyone that he thinks deserved it.

Getting ready real early in the morning, our creature prepars to do his morning rituals and one of them is to look up his plants, everyone has a soft spot on them soul and our Tengu is not an exception.

On the ther hand, let talk about how I came up with this drawing, While I was talking to a friend on my work spot, he told me that I should draw something unrelated to another thing, like a man watching TV while shooting arrows to a deer or a samurai drinking at a bar and sending a text message, I was half way through this drawing as my intention was to draw an ordinary Tengu cyberpunk and I thought it would be funny to draw him watering some roses and here it is.


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hahahahah i love it, @gooze :D "before he goes on killing rampage, he waters his plants and takes care of them" <---- SO AWESOME XD i love it!

the shading on the kimono is really nice, and i love the cyborg limbs, as well :D the pose is definitely a calm pose, he looks like he is enjoying looking after his garden :)

Really cool <3 I really like this one a lot :)


haha I'm so glad it liked it, the 4H pencil is great for light shading and using it with a 2B makes a good effect.

Ahahaha, now there's a very unique and original concept. Excellent idea you got there, @gooze! 😃


Thank you @trincowski haha It was funny to do so.


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I love the contrast and the realism behind it. It show that even a cyborg has not lost his touch with nature.

Saludos desde Portugal! :>)