Drawing while I work #13 - Eating Samurai - Original draw

in art •  2 months ago

Ramen eater samurai


Working at a restaurant was inevitable that some day I would've drawn someone eating something, one of the dishes we have is fish's soup and when I saw a man eating from his bowl I thought that I might draw someone eating and as I love to draw samurais, warriors and such, I drew a samurai sitting on the floor eating his ramen.

It was a bit difficult to create the perspective of the arms and to make him look down and to do all of this out of my mind
I think I have never drawn so many things without a reference image, so I am really thankfull for the job I found for two things.
1.- I'm working and eventhough the salary is not that great, is not bad either and I'm with great people all the time.
2.- I'm Drawing a LOT more on a daily basis than what I used to draw.

So for artists out there, never stop drawing, even if it is one hour a day, it will make your day worth if you love what you do.


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This is a very cool and interesting drawing, @gooze. Well done!

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I really like samurais, I used to watch a lot of samurai manga some years ago :) Your drawing is terrific my friend, thanks for sharing it with us.

Best regards,

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Samurai! Very nicely drawn, @gooze :D Have you ever run across @ryo-6414's Steemit? He is drawing his own samurai comic at the moment :D You might enjoy it :)

I like how he looks like he's really enjoying his meal, peaceful and happy :)


I'll take a look at it right now, thank you Spidey


Wow, wonderful samurai drawing!
The atmosphere around which this picture is wearing is exactly the samurai itself!
Nice, Good work!😊

And Thank you for mention! veryspider-san!

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