My Photoart Creation #5 "Green leafs in the Sunlight " By Germanlifestyle...and ColorChallenge ThursdayGreen

in art •  8 months ago

This is my #5 Photoart Creation "Green leafs in the Sunlight" and my Contribution for the Colorchallenge ThursdayGreen initiated by @kalemandra

My Photoart Creation


Content and Pictures by Germanlifestyle

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Thats cool, a great photo to start with and some awesome editing.


amazing , i love it

Stunning pics..
enjoy the upvote and you can do the same...

Waw @germanlifestyle, wonderful. Congratulations.

Great, leaves are awesome :) Btw. in my newest post there are tons of leaves included - check it out :)

Wow! Nice ...Following you for more.
Please visit my profile, hope you will like my photography...@saan

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Schon interessant was man alles machen kann heute mit der Bearbeitung!