brushpen drawing on a canvas (buddha nature)

in #art2 years ago (edited)

Beware of your desires.
Hey steemit here's a drawing i made a few days ago of a little buddha trying to keep himself together while losing control of his desires. I did it with a few different colored brushpens and markers,
heres the initial sketch IMG_20180215_123842_447.jpg

Ihad a lot of fun working on it while getting over a bug, and am doing more like it that i will post soon, let me know what you guys think of this little guy


I think it’s really good.

Wow, Fantastic one.

Beautiful Sketch . You are a brilliant bro .

This is so unique it is incredible! Love the artwork! How long did it take you?

Thank you so much, i think 6-8 hours from blank canvas to finish

It really is incredible! We run a weekly art sharing initiative on steemit, would love to see more of your art maybe even feature you sometime. Always great to meet other active steemian artists to grow the community!

Oh cool thatd be great, i stopped posting for a while cause of business and health nut now i want to get back to weekly posting
Explains the initiative. Looking forward to seeing more art and feedback by you!

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