Why Hold Elections? An Original Poem

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Image sourced from Pixabay

The table of brotherhood is broken,
As wads of crisp dollar notes exchange hands.
The walls in the neighbourhood
Find campaign posters beautifying them
The mantra of change rent the air
As manifestoes box manifestoes in the ring of delusions
The incumbent says:
Out of the pit of poverty
Shall I lift out many of you.
The opposition counters:
Why are there still pits of poverty
After two decades of your leadership, sir?
But when the elections came,
The votes counted
Far less than those who counted it.
The incumbent was sworn in again.
To those who question,
The rifles answered eloquently.
And then we asked ourselves,
If votes would not count
But those who counted it
Why hold elections?


Excellent. I particularly like this line ".... manifestoes box manifestoes in the ring of delusions"

Of course, full and fair elections are well and good, but nowadays, in even some of the supposedly "most democratic" countries in the world, elections are a total sham, bought and paid for by the powers that be.

Thanks sir for taking out the time to read this poem. I feel excited each time I see your comments on my literary work. I settled for that line after much contemplation.

It is unfortunate how elections are rigged, sometimes with the backing of the state.

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