Pixelbruary 15, 16# and some sprites!

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So we have a lot of things for tonight! we have pixelbruary 15 and 16! the first is the 15 and is a deity and the second is a room the other things are just sprites I made ;) one was for the day of love and the others was just practice maybe do you know miku? because that girl with blue hair is MIKU! and my other sprites the smalls versions are just my imagination, i hope you enjoy it! oh you can see what program I use and other questions and aswers in my last post ;)





guysolo.png cohetesolo.png botellasola.png tazassolas.png globo.png

All are from my imagination!

I also want to say if you want a character or if you have an idea for a pixelart, you can leave your idea in the comments and I can try to do it, you know just for practice ;) have a nice day!

Oh, before I forget, I am learning english so please if a I have something wrong just tell me in the comments ;) with love RUNA <3 runa.png


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