Finally, some decent street art!

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The search for decent street art has been rather fruitless here in Da Nang, Vietnam. I can't say for certain but I think the reason for this is the fact that society in general seems to "stay in line" and the penalties are pretty harsh for destruction of property. There also isn't a whole lot of land here where an artist could possibly hone their skills and this has always been a bit of a mystery to me anyway about how someone builds the skills necessary to do street art with spray in the first place anyway.

This area that I recently found was somewhere that in the recent past 2 buildings were very close together and the property wall was what was painted on when the adjacent building was torn down. I don't know how old these are or if the artists had permission to do them. I would guess that they did have permission because this is right along one of the busiest roads in the entire city. Someone would have seen them.


I was remarking multiple times about how I don't like tags or gang-signs as street art and much prefer when people do a portrait or picture of some sort. This area was a mashup of both, but even though none of this can really be considered "world class" it is some of the better stuff that I have seen anywhere in the city.


This is one of my favorites anywhere. Maybe it is because I am a bit of a sci-fi nerd and it just appeals to that side of me.


This one is certainly less intricate than the others, but I like the way that it is a bit different and more cartoonish than a lot of the stuff you normally see in street art.


Once again, a majority of the work is simply call signs or whatever it is called when the artists just write their name or whatever it is that they call themselves. Whenever I see those I am going to be less impressed because it just seems so uninspired and common.

If you find yourself in Da Nang as a tourist there is a better-than-average chance that you will be near this area anyway and can easily find it yourself. Here is a map but this is just an approximate location since the businesses on either side are not on G-maps. I am sure if you just walk a bit on the seaside you will see it because the vacant lot is a bit of an eyesore anyway.

Jack it might be a while before I am able to find anything that can compete with what you got going on up in Chiang Mai so I hope this fits the bill!

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