Dream Catcher Compass Tattoo. Seed Of Life & the Principle of Creation

in #artlast year (edited)


This is a healed piece I did last year. The design was per client's imagination. I love to fulfill someone's idea and to leave a mark of the whole experience. The responsibility to do something for life motivates to do my best every time.

I know that it looks strange to have the anchor there. For the person it had symbolism because sailing is a passion for her and it is like on pedestal. As a big fan of sacred geometry I was happy to tattoo the seed of life inside the dream catcher. If you have not heared about what it means, you can watch the video I made some years ago on the subject.

It may sound strange but after realizing the principle of creation the world became more amazing then ever. It was like to be a child again and explore the beauty of nature.


Привет отново ;)
Доста си навътре в нещата ~ поздравления!

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