Fractal of the day: "Alligator Skin" - wallpapers and cover for a blog

in art •  4 months ago

Images from the posts of the "Fractal of the Day" column, from the members of our community, you can install on your desktop and also decorate your account on the Steemit!

Today I would like to present to your attention the fractal of the day called "Alligator Skin". It was created in the program Jux v2.1.
This image has a reptile skin texture, so I made it in green. But for a snake, it seems to me, the pattern is too large, so I associate this pattern with alligator skin. Although, to be honest, I have never seen products from his skin.

Download it for desktop

Blog cover on steemit:

To change the cover for a blog on the Steemit, you need to insert the link below in the settings of the public profile in the line Insert a link to the cover or upload it




Who has a small monitor, you can try to insert this link:

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