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The Bosco

At the end of the week of the darkest and most disturbing painters I wanted to make a revision to one of the pioneering painters of dark painting or with dark content. Besides being an influence for many generations of painters, the most amazing thing is the style he painted in his time where I had to overcome the obstacles imposed by the church and by the circles of fine arts. I am referring to Bosch. Come with me to learn more about the life and work of this fascinating painter.


His peculiar style has made him one of the most studied and admired painters, his compositions full of mystery and disturbing images has meant being hated and benefited by the style of his work.


Jheronimus van Aken is known in the world of art as Bosch, born in the Netherlands, devoted part of his life to research and creation of painting treatises, it is incredible how throughout his career was filled with a fabulous creativity that led him to make figures until the time never seen before.


His style was always within the limits of Flemish painting, being the most outstanding of this generation of artists. Thanks to his imagination and for being risky he broke with all the schemes imposed in his time and managed to position himself in a splendid way. One of the most outstanding characteristics that has given rise to speculations and problems to study his work is the fact that he did not give any painting the date of creation and very few paintings have his signature, so both his life and his work is a total mystery.


Not having a legible and historical record of the painter's work has made it a very complicated job to identify an original Bosch painting, this and brought as a consequence that counterfeiters make works trying to appear on the art scene as genuine paintings.

Bosch's main theme is satire towards the Catholic Church, his vision of sin and how he tries to portray human madness in many paintings. It's a mixture of humor, that mockery of the church is what would make it famous in a time when conservative religious thought was common among people. Another of its peculiarities was the scarce use of paint, sometimes you could see the canvas, the critics of the time took this form of painting as something wrong. For Bosch it was a practical way to paint faster and to make economic paintings by the minimum use of materials.


Today many works of Bosch are in Spain in the Prado Museum where they have 30 works certified according to the administrators of the reigns as legitimate works.

As for his disturbing works for the time there is nothing more terrifying than painting in the way he did at a time when morality was above all. Religion had to be patient with the potential and good reviews received by the fine arts circles that avoided the provocations of the church that tried to demonize the beautiful paintings of the Flemish painter.


We can't compare anything of the nine horror or disturbing productions to Bosch's painting, especially because of the context in which he made these pictorial works. The idea of having to face the power of one of the most powerful institutions in history was really kept out of the critics, managing to compose beautiful paintings.

This week I will be discovering with you new painters who were inspiration for artists who have dedicated their lives to dark painting.


Thank you for reading 😀


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