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Pauline Boty, the marginalized voice of British Pop Art

Today, I want to close the cycle of publications dedicated to those women who belonged to the pop art movement, today is the turn of Pauline Boty, recognized as the founder of the pop art movement in the United Kingdom. Come with me to know some of the most outstanding aspects of her life and work.


Pauline Boty, is remembered as one of the most contentious feminists of the pop movement, in addition to being the founder of this artistic movement in the United Kingdom, her rebellious, disobedient, and radical attitude led her to earn the appreciation of thousands of women who saw in Pauline Boty a banner of women's struggle.


But the reality for her time was that, despite having done so much activism and art, it was quickly forgotten, in a time when English society maintained certain conservative traits from an aristocratic culture, Pauline Boty with her cunning broke all paradigms and gave way to a culture of freedom and especially of vindication to all those women submitted by patriarchal society.


Born into a modest family, she maintained a system of domination that damaged and woke up the young artist, so she preferred to leave rather than having to deal with the arrogant character of her father who had chosen whom she had to marry.


He studied art at the Wimbledon School of Art and the Royal Academy of London, at first belonged to the famous art group Swinging London developed in the 60s where converged an incredible number of poets, publicists, musicians, painters what meant the prelude to what will be the foundation of the English pop movement. During those years the need arose to intervene in the streets of London painting a series of buildings and making various works of art.


But soon an event completely changed her life, after undergoing rigorous medical examinations the results were overwhelming, with only 27 years Pauline Boty had cancer and apart from that news the examinations revealed that she was in a state of gestation, indicated chemotherapy treatments, but the artist decided not to treat himself due to pregnancy, after giving birth the disease continued advancing until Pauline Boty with 28 years died because of cancer.


Unfortunately, after her death, the artist was soon forgotten replacing her figure other artists of the time who took control of the pop art movement in London, some of her works were lost and others today are part of public and private collections.


For some years now there have been conversations and exhibitions with the works of the artist who consecrated her short existence to women's struggles and the creation of a new artistic movement, harassed by the media of the time for its steady beauty in its passage through life and great things that genre, it is uncertain what would have been the fate of this artist if she had lived longer, surely would have continued to innovate and kept firm its anti-patriarchal stance.


In 2007 the Mayor's Office of London declared her an illustrious daughter of the city, postulating a permanent calendar of activities to publicize the life of the artist, as well as her struggles. Her daughter, whom she cared for so as not to be affected by chemotherapy treatment, died at the age of 29 from an overdose of heroin. Ironies of life.


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I never heard of her, her life is kind if tragic. So sad the daughter she protected died in that way.. She didn't understood the value of her life? We don't know... It surely is sad... The art of this women a d the bravery of being a feminist in those says is amazing

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