A photo progression of my most recent mural...

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I usually find myself spending around 30 hours on a mural this size. It sounds like more than it feels; the time can seem like nothing when you're lost in my favourite gateway to creative bliss - what we call "flow state".

Definition: Flow, also known as the zone, is the mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity. In essence, flow is characterized by complete absorption in what one does. (Many thanks to Ben Kwok (Bioworkz), for giving me this definition the other day)

But this one, although it doesn’t look like much, has taken me around 160 hours so far… (Including drawing and video editing time) I could tell you I’m trying to make an animation of the turtle coming to life in rhythm with Tchaikovsky… And it’ll be cool to see how the end result compares with what you’ve taken from that. But it’s hard to express visual movements in words sometimes. I’ll post the video on here soon!

I haven't posted the finish result on social media yet, but it feels nice sharing it with a smaller community first :-) The whole process spanned over 2-3 months...


Turtle 2.jpg



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Cool GIF! You certainly share the best animations on Steemit!

Thats quite a compliment and I'll take it with a thank you, @heroic15397.

oolaa I love gifs! Much stronger than a harpoon DOWNvote flag. Sweeter than a minnow's UPvote. And more transparency than a whale's bot's curration vote. Thank you, @kus-knee :)

Ohhhhhh yeah, big love for the gif too! And I have a feeling I'll be seeing more around after the comments. Nice to meet you :-)

That is gorgeous.

My dad was an artist (acrylic on canvas mostly) and a painting could take a couple hundred hours to complete. As a child, it would always amaze me seeing the first rough strokes of colour anyone could do morph into a brilliance that was uniquely his.

Well done.

Again, this is absolutely AWESOME!!! Thank you for sharing your precious art soulfulness with us all. I also love to create while using music. I usually choose a piece or a full CD that has one specific style or thought behind it and I go from there. I even do this while I write!

Namaste :)

I wish I had this in my room! Big props

Awesome work @fayehalliday! The final piece is incredible. Big fan of your style. What kinds of pens / paint / ink do you prefer on a mural piece like this one?

Thank you so much! I use permanent markers for the mural pieces. I started off using 5 packs from the local pound store (one dollar store?) but I've moved onto using things like Pentel markers now :-) No paint used, although I'm strongly considering moving onto using some paint in the larger areas and saving the pen!

Thanks! That's good to know, I imagine that the pentel markers have a super clean and consistent stroke, clearly they work beautifully! I'd bet you fly through those five packs :) Looking forward to seeing more of your work and process!

Wow, that is so beautiful!

It's pretty impressive to sit like this for hours on end. My legs would hurt after 5 minutes. Keep up the nice work!

Really beautiful!!! I love the details of your artworks! ^_^

This is awesome!

Absolutely stunning. That must be a very interesting place to look through by the time you're done!

That turtle looks awesome!

These are truly beautiful! So do people just commission you to come in and do rooms/walls for them?

Beautiful work.

Oh my god, are you for real?
Fantastic work and defninitly following.

Takes me about that long to finish one of my 2d pieces and they're not nearly so big XD I really do love those intricate liney designs and how they just pop merrily off the wall :)

So do you wipe them off, there after?

this is beyond incredible. fantastic work

Stunning murals!

Beautiful work! Followed

First thing I have seen when I wanted to see what is steemit about. It is beautiful! :)

Wow, amazing

amazing !!!!

wow!! very good!!!

Wow! Awesome work.

Very Impressive

so cool, i love it. you are very talented. upvoted and followed

Impressive! 🙌🌺