Japanese mood. My artwork

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What do you think what is the floral symbol of Japan? Sakura? In fact, it is a chrysanthemum, especially a flower with 16 petals.

This symbol can be seen even on Japanese passports.


The love of a flower is described by an ancient Japanese legend about the origin of the state itself.
According to a famous legend, the cruel Chinese emperor found out that a magical plant - chrysanthemum - grows on islands overseas.
Elixir of immortality could be prepared from the juice of this flower. However, magic was only valid if the flower was picked by an honest, good person with good intentions.
The emperor knew that neither he nor his subordinates would be able to maintain this power, because all of them had evil hearts. Therefore, he found an honest doctor and selected three hundred girls and boys so that each one picked a flower. Of this amount, at least one person must be found who is able to maintain this action.

On the island, all people were fascinated by the beauty of the area. They all understood that after they returned, the emperor executed them, so no one dared to come back to their homeland.

On the island, they founded their own state called Japan.


Today, the Japanese chrysanthemum is considered a symbol of happiness and wisdom.

I love these flowers for their unique shape and fresh herbal aroma, which can not be confused with anything.

Do you like chrysanthemums?


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Absolutely beautiful!

Yes, I love chrysanthemum tea and the herbal fragrance of them. Do you normally draw-paint herbs and medicinal flowers? You're VERY welcome to post your eco-friendly art in our @Ecotrain community (hive-123046) or to post medicinal plant artwork in the @naturalmedicone community (hive-120078). Lots of support and great community in both of those places.

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