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RE: Steem Visions Recording: cohosts- @stellabelle, @juliakponsford guests- @elohprojects, @everlove, @yusaymon, @poeticsnake, @overkillcoin, @alexandravart, @mrblinddraw, @zipporah, @reinhard-schmid

in #art2 years ago

I've been thinking about our Saturday date for days, and just now coming by to see what follow-up has happened. 8 days ago---really? Where in the world does the time go? I've missed resteeming, and upvoting is pointless now. Gratefully you're just as awesome as ever and our connections through your efforts will pay off for eons to come. Heartfelt thanks to you, @juliakponsford and @stellabelle for bringing us together!

Much love @aggroed. We're blessed by your presence here.


We will definitely do this again :)

Glad to hear that. It's a great opportunity for us all. Feeling more connected through these efforts. Hugs to you @juliakponsford.

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