🐶 The Reincarnation of #VanGogh ?: #VanDogh the Artist Dog that impacts painting amazing paintings #Jumpy🖌️

in #art3 years ago (edited)

"Jumpy" has managed to demonstrate his abilities in a video where his impeccable handling with the brush is observed.

Sure we all tried to teach some trick to our dog, but few end up becoming a kind of Van Gogh. 🖼️

The famous puppy "Jumpy" has surprised the web showing all his talent for art, especially for painting.

A video shows how the dog takes the brush as if it were his favorite bone, to capture on paper his best strokes with his nose and get a landscape that, surely, will qualify for a next exhibition.

See on Youtube

Source: 24 horas/ Frente Fantasma

I Hope you enjoy❗ 🙏


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