Memories of my past drawings / And brief stories of these!

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Hi Steemits friends, first of all the most sincere thanks for that precious fragment of your time that they have bothered to spend to pass by here. This section is to share a little more of my evolution in the drawing and tell you brief personal anecdotes that each drawing created at the time. All are from last year, do not place any current; here we go!

-Wolves forming the Yin Yang:

This next to the next cause me a smile and a little bit of grief, because they were a birthday gift to someone I liked. All my friends loved it, and although they left me in the zone of friendship (totally true), it served as a practice and I managed to polish the work on a canvas much larger than a normal white sheet.

-Skull girl:

Same case as the previous drawing, same part of the gift of my great rejection, but still I had fun doing it, when drawing with the heart it will never be a waste of time to do it. I remember that I did not know what to draw, and I looked for a random image on Pinterest, and without a doubt I guessed right, because I drew with the marked time. Before I used to leave all the drawings for the last moment (mistake that I still make a lot)
bones anda hair.PNG

-Princess Butterfly and shadow wolf:

And this is the last drawings I made last year 2017. I'll tell you a curiosity, this was also for my best friend, it's a birthday present, and like the first drawing on this list, it's stuck on the wall of his room. Love this drawing, especially the hair of the girl, here I started to like that hair development, technique that I am currently using for the creation of characters from my graphic novel.

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Nice drawings ..


Thanks you :D

@erick.esquivel, I really enjoyed how you gave a narrative for these drawings. That made it so much more meaningful. You are a very talented artist and I hope you keep going with your development. I really love the wolves.