DRAWING: expand your mind!

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Hello friends Steemits! Have you ever felt that your ideas float and your knowledge expands completely? If so, you will feel identified with this drawing.
Before entering fully the content of this humble post, I would like to thank you for taking a few minutes of your valuable time to spend here, really filled with joy my heart. Well, now let's go there!


This drawing was a farewell gift to my best friend, who left the country a few weeks ago. But it hides an interesting analogy.

You can take it in two ways: a gray cloud that covers your head and drowns you in depression and anxiety, or the mind is a nuclear bomb that constantly expands ...

I take them both ways, because there is no expansion without there being a little opacity, and that is that the world where we live is unlimited wisdom, so when they feel that the darkness of uncertainty covers them, or that they suffocate in dilemmas or indecisions; just open your mind, let the thoughts flow, look at situations from different perspectives, look for knowledge that you do not even have in a book, on the internet, with the person at your side, sometimes a good conversation opens your ideas to an unsuspected spot . The mind is not a weapon, it is more than that, it is the center of the human being, some may believe that it is the Soul, and if it is, I am sure that both are related.

-Process of realization:





I hope you found it interesting at least. Once again thank you for stopping by here.
Leave your opinions and your advice regarding the drawing, I would love to read them.
Until the next Steemits!