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in art •  18 days ago

Beauty comes in all forms.

Like this beautiful art pieces of a typical African woman. What is striking about this piece for you? For me it has got to be the hairstyle next to the amazing colors.

Corn rows is a thing around here actually. So is braiding and weaving. Whatever suits one taste.


Did I mention head gears too? That's more of a West African thing. But from time to time you might spot the trend in East Africa. Around here it's mainly used on occasions, though I personally love mine any day.


I gotta applaud this artists putting their heart and soul into some of the most beautiful art I came across this past holiday. It's rather unfortunate however that they hardly get their money's worth of art. Some of these go for as low as $20.

After all the work put into them, I don't feel like it's fair or nearly enough to make ends meet.

Beautiful Nonetheless.

Happy Wednesday Loves!

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