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On the last post i was create a character design of Gena for my new game project and thist post i want create a background story about him, Gena is from a village call "Domino Village" who was in trouble for evil hand of the black soldier of the red moon, they make damage to domino village and capture the princess Caroli and use like a perfect wife for the "King Kali, the king of Domino village call to Gena for rescue the princes and bring her to home, at long way in the adventure Gena will cross with some characters who will help him in many trouble situation.

Idea concept ilustration




Thanks for watch and hope you like the post :)

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thanks i will cheack the webside and the discord server :)

I like this character project as always i like the way you draw!


Thanks i alway show everyday my development about the project :)

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Tu si que sabes dibujar :)


resultado de tanta constancia, prueba y error :)


Pues, ya no hay error :)


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I love it, this is amazing!

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Amazing artwork buddy! Aren't you thinking in making an animation serie?

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Nicely done, @elias15g :) It is always very important to try and capture a character's personality through their design and I think you've done that well here :)


thanks for watch the drawing process, i'm try to do my best for capture the personality of every character created :)

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