Npc character process creation in blender (TimeLapse)

in art •  9 months ago

This is a video show the process of the meshing and texturing in a Npc character (Haakon), i hope you enjoy this and please give a upvote if you like it :)

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NIce! Good to see an accomplished lowpolymodeller at work. It has been ages since I did any lowpoly modelling in blender, i mostly sculpt and retopo when i need animatable characters.
How do you make the 3d tag. I only seem to be able to make tags starting with a letter so my blender work is always under the tag blender3d or just blender. I wouldnt even have seen your post if it hadnt been for @katharsisdrill resteeming it, and I do check for 3d content.


i was check your post it's so cool your sculpting in blender3d, i don't know how name the tag so i decide just put it "3d" xD, thanks for the attention and support :)

I really enjoy it very much. Its very interesting. I will done upvote and resteem for this informative post. Thank you so much for sharing a beautiful post.


Thanks!! for you support :D

Cool with some blender stuff :)


i done many stuff with that program, its very easy learn with it :)