My new digital picture The two owls.Video drawing process.

in art •  last year

Hello dear friends!

I like digital painting and graphics (pen, pen, marker). But now I am at the stage of development and mastering of these directions. However, this is a ladder to the sky, there is no end point, I understand it, and interest guides me.

I want to give positive and happiness to everyone, and also to enjoy every little thing in life. I want to give magic to the color and recharge with positive energy.  

 My tools: 

I'm using the Paint Tool SAI. Wacom Intuos Pen Small tablet.The graphic tablet is on the working computer desk. It only needs to connect and open the program. I must say that I always collect materials before I start drawing something. Therefore, I am often overwhelmed with photographs and other things - with visual images and maps .

video process  

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You make it look so easy lol :) - great results! I wonder how long it took you in real time...


Thank you friend about two hours.

really cool great drawing


The owls look great! I think the video will help other artists to learn how to do what you did. Great job on this post! :)

Your figures are still very good. The two owls are very cute and cute. The hat on the owl reminds me of Christmas.你的数字画还是那么的棒,这两只猫头鹰画的栩栩如生,好可爱,猫头鹰头上的帽子让我想起了圣诞节。

Oh, cuties! Lovelies in their fool-cap :)))
How much did it take to draw them? I would like to buy a Wacom tablet, a medium one :)

this one process remarkable in my opinion, pictures birds nice and funny


Thank you .

Ooh this is really excellent ! thanks for sharing the process and the speed video ^_^

OMG, love it!! I recently did this, what do you think? You're amazing

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It's wonderful to love something that you will never stop learning about, isn't it? Excellent work!

Amazing art and drawing.


This pair is adoarble, with their little belled hats. Great process and well done you. Don't you love digital?!

That's so lovely!! Great artwork