My first short film! 'The Future Is Not Ours' (part 1)

in art •  last year

Lately I got interested in film. I kind of analyzed movies and other short films, but I never had enough courage and motivation to make one. Because, it takes a lot of time, and then photography is a lot easier step to make. I already know how to photograph and how to edit my pictures etc. with making a film I didn't know anything. Maybe I don't have any talent in filmmaking. So, I am studying art, and we got the assignment to make a short movie about the most important thing in life. Now I had to. See the result below.  

The Future Is Not Ours from Esmee van Zeeventer on Vimeo.

I really want to know what you guys think, and what kind of feeling it gives you. I did the recording and editing myself, so that was kind of exciting. I recorded with my DSLR canon 6d with a 50mm f/1.4 USM and the editing I did in Premiere pro. It was the first time I used Premiere, how frustrating! haha The song is covered especially for this film, I assigned someone to do the job.  

I think I first want to know what you guys think before I tell what the film is about. ;) I would love to know!  

Love, Esmee  

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Good post @eamyvz

Too bad I can not open the video. Though I think it is a very interesting video. I can only see your photo sleeping with the blue dressing.Thanks for share...
I can try to open the video later from PC.


thanks! Let me know what you think of t!

I love the overall mood and acting. Beautiful actress, by the way. My favorite scene is when she's trying to rub the sun-tan lotion onto her back. Very nostalgic!


Thank you very much for your reaction! :)


You are very welcome! :)

Congratulations @eamyvz!
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Cool! thank you very much

Great. Keep it Uuuup!!

Cheers Photono

Great short film!
We just started a blog as well about me and my wife's music career, you're welcome to check it out :) @leoandbell


nice job .. looks great



magical, dreamy, and weirdly erotic — just my cup of tea <3

thank you @eamyvz!

following, upvoted, and resteemed!


Thank you @mollywarhol !

Great film! Color is so beautiful~


Ah, thank you very much!

Good for you for trying something new! Love the music

Great video. Keep it up and you will be doing big things very soon!

If this is your first short film, let me tell you that you are an awesome film maker. Keep up the good work and post more. Thanks. :)


Thanks! That's good to hear. I think I will make another video this summer

Really a very nice little movie. Really did enjoy it. This is my first post on Steemit.



thank you :)
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First I should mention that I have spent my life in the entertainment industry so I might not be the best person to ask.

I loved it. It was poignant, and funny at the same time.
At the beginning, when the girl was gliding through forest and grasslands (these are just impressions) I was ready to hate the whole thing, because I grew up with the song that was starting, 'que serah, serah'. Or whatever, don't care to look it up just now. Anyhow, I remember as a child, I really disliked the fatalism of that song.

I might mention that in that segment she's wearing what I see as bright blue. I'm partly color blind, so I have to ask for help continually at the paint counter.

So I really laughed, when she's trying to put the suntan lotion on her back, at the same time I noticed that the text (or lyrics) of the song were missing.

I also liked the bit where you have the pan from the volume by Hans Christian Anderson up to her face, it accentuated what I felt you were pointing at. Sort of the fantasy of the whole thing. At the same time I have a newspaper clipping from 1952 I think here in Norway the movie was sharply criticized.

I'd better wrap this up. No points for word count here, I guess. At the end, my thoughts were, 'Well, it is true, come what may, but it is our choice how we deal with it . . . or even sometimes IF we deal with it'.

Expression on face at the end was precious, almost said, 'Well, pick up and start over'.

Not sure I want to know what it's really about . . .lol !!


Wauw! Thank you so much for your reaction. It is very interesting to read what you see, feel and think by seeing my work, I love it.

I do know the original song que sera, sera. I'm 20 years old, so the song doesn't bring any memories for me. But I'm really happy with this edit, and the vibe the music has.

I also like it that you mention the movie, because I didn't know there was a movie of Hans Christian Anderson haha