Rocket Calendar illustration [2]

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Here is the second illustration I've done for the same calendar about the family business and love for the space travelling. I don't know how was it in your childhood but in mine in Russia every body was dreaming to become a spaceman. We call it a kosmonaut (kosmos is a space in Russian).

Check out the beginning of that story and first illustration here in case you've missed it.


So here the story continues. Idea was to depict the head of company - a father working in his office using all the same tables and shelves they are producing. My first sketch trying was sort of similar to the first illustration. I supposed to have that same depth of the room and was thinking of having this angle of view showing the monitor as if he was creating the plan of the rocket.


But my client asked me for the second try changing the point of view and some other details. Second was my most familiar view I am using almost all the time. So I've tried to avoid that first but if the client is asking what to do. Though second came out little bit better. How do you think?



It was approved for further coloring and regular procecss started. I believe it was done in 3-4 days and I was sure it's finished. Sent it for approval and he liked everything but asked to make the father look little bit mature or older and to add the dog. I guess it's a family dog they really have. Plus there was a comment on changing the floor type because parquet looks outdated for their office. Or maybe they had different floor in their real office. I don't remember the true reason for sure.



Made all the necessary corrections and added an alien shadow just for fun. I thought my client will ask me to remove that but he also liked that a lot and was happy to approve this image for printing.


There are two more images in this calendar set I am going to tell you about in next posts. If you have any particular requests on my works I would be glad to reveal something special for you. Thanks a lot for your attention and support!

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Такие детальные иллюстрации - невозможно не вдохновиться!
Особенно эти планеты и коробки на первом плане, добавляющие глубины. Есть чему поучиться :)

Спасибо :)

Здравствуйте, Фил. Я только разбираюсь с этой платформой, но уже успел заметить, что очень многие тут активно юзают ботов.

У вас, не в пример другим, очень мало таких трансферов, но если я правильно понимаю, они всё же есть ;-)

Скажите, если не секрет, а как вы решаете к каким постам покупать голоса, а к каким нет?


Привет! Никогда не покупал голоса здесь и не думаю что буду. Трансферы в моём кошельке эти - входящие от спамеров. Они закидываю копейку и вместе с ней сообщение.

Спасибо за ответ! Ага, понятно, на спамерах тут тоже можно заработать ;-)

Прекрасная иллюстрация! Обожаю разглядывать такие интерьерчики со множеством деталей!

Привет, спасибо, что сагитировал погрузиться в этот сервис :)
Как всегда крутая иллюстрашка, кстати, собаку такой породы хочу)

so cool process !
wonderful work i like the final step :)