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Hey, I've decided to tell the story about my calendar creation for Russian company which is producing furniture, tables, shelves and all other stuff for workers. Head of the company is very nice young guy with really good taste.

He came out with an idea of a family business of father and his young son. I suppose this is a real story of his life but I don't know for sure.


I had to create four different illustrations for the calendar telling the whole story. This was the first one and it was the hardest. It's always hard to begin. Other three pieces had been done much faster because we had a vision and understanding of how the whole story should look like.

This particular piece was going to show how a dad with his small son are building small rocket in their cellar together.


I was searching for the style there and just experimented with the characters a bit. I had no clue how do my client want them to look like so I've just started with at least something to show.


Then he gave me some comments and pointed out to some photo references and I've produced second draft.


He said it's okay and asked me to continue with background and foreground details. It should be their basement with all the tables and shelves that company produced. He has provided me with all the photos of their products.


That sketch had been approved and after few days of hard work I thought I've finished that piece. Send it to my client expecting his positive reaction.


The main comment idea was that the image is too dark and even if it's a basement we could add a small window there and put some light. Plus he had really good budget so he asked to add more details.


So it was the second iteration of final illustration. Then he asked me to change table model, remove autumn fallen leaves and change something else. I would be glad if you could see and find out it by yourself.





And there is the approved final. I was really glad he asked me to correct all that stuff and add details. Final is much more interesting. And I appreciate he never told me to change my characters proportions. I know they are not perfect but this is what my style is and I usually don't care about proportions in my works. There is something childish there, you know?


What do you say? Shall I tell you about other 3 illustration for this calendar?

freelance illustrator Fil Dunsky
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Thanks a lot, guys! 🤩

Cool... I like it ... this illustration makes me feel home :)

Thank you so much! It's nice that you felt so!

you are welcome :)

the final piece is awesome. and i admire you for taking criticism, that's what make a good artist. :) It's awesome! <3

Thank you ❤️ well, this is my job to satisfy my clients needs. They pay for what they need :) this guy have really good taste and he knew what he needed so there was no struggle to correct the things he asked.

That's very cool. dunsky! I really enjoyed seeing the whole progression, and how you responded to the client's request.

VERY interesting and informative post.

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Thanks ❤️

" I would be glad if you could see and find out it by yourself."

The sparkles in the light above their heads was removed, the step ladder in back right got bigger, screwdrivers got replaced, key removed from big blue locker in back right, counter top of tool bench got changed to blue, overall color vibrancy turned down.

Great work! The lighting came out really good and the scene comes together nicely.

Wow! You're so attentive! Well done!

Looking at all the little details you put in there... i get tired ! :-D
I truly admire your patience and effort you put into your work.
Soon i will be able to do works like that too, i hope :-)

i like your post a lot.jpg

Haha :) Agnes, you will be able to do such works if you will not get tired drawing all these details :) Are you powering up your skills in digital now?