"Ithaqa" Comic Book Update #85 Things Get Grimier + A Reflection On Themes

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This whole church sequence is some of the best work that Theresa has put into the comic to date, but this page I believe deserves to be singled out. The texture of the painted symbol is fantastic, and Theresa really paid attention to the backgrounds on this page. The pews are rotting, the bricks are cracked, this page just oozes atmosphere.

You'll note that the rats have been modified as I mentioned in a previous post. There's something on them, and there's something IN them too, as will be very clear on the next page I upload.

Thematic And Light Plot Spoilers Below. Read At Your Own Risk

Strings are very important thematically to this series. They tie themselves not only to the magic of my Elder God, Iss-Nagish, but also to String Theory.

Lovecraft's best stories incorporate the cosmos, which lends them a weirdly sci-fi feel, even though the stories take place pre-ww2. I feel like my contribution to the Lovecraftian universe could be the inclusion of Quantum Physics and Multiverse Theory.

We as a society have adapted to the existential horrors that come with realizing how large the universe is, so we have to tread deeper into newer and more horrifying scientific theories if we want to illicit the same feelings Lovecraft became famous for.

How could a person have a soul, if there are an infinite slightly different versions of the same person spread out across the multiverse? Does life have any inherent meaning in the face of infinity?

While I on a personal level have some optimistic reflections around these questions, that doesn't mean I don't see the perfect potential these problems pose for existential horror. After all, the idea of a multiverse would have scared the shit out of Lovecraft, so I must be on the right track.

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Perhaps the symbol on the wall, the rats, and the terrible skin boils earlier are all ________?! Things are getting good now.

I'm writing issue 4 right now and im just like: WHY CANT IT ALREADY BE DRAWN!?!?!

Wow, you are on an excellent path for your main theme. Lovecraft wrote about the insignificance of humanity in the scale of the universe; you take it a step further, about the insignificance of the universe in the scale of multi-verses!!
It reminds me a lot of a quote you might be familiar with: Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. And, in this case, the magic is dark and eldritch! I love the concept, and the blending of Science -- as long as it does not become a sci-fi thriller ;)

Yeah I have heard that quote! Even though I never saw Cowboys vs Aliens, I did love the idea that if Aliens landed on earth any time before like the 1900's, we would have assumed they were demons. A pretty cool little narrative nugget!

Your little spoiler just entices me more! Loving the concept and the pages as they grow darker!

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