Finally learned to animate and save a Gif, baby steps to New Projects

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Good morning Steemit another day another post with a Pink Pug.

I'd shared one frame of this animation the other day as I could not figure out how to save the animation. Though it's intenion was to be saved as an mp4 to go into a video format, I at least figured out how to save it as a GIF both looped and non-looped. I am certain those in the know will laugh at my small attempts, but self teaching can sometimes be slow. (Say that tongue-twister five times fast!)

Thus, I give you the Pink Pug and The Fern 'animated', sort of...


For whatever reason, though, it seems to compress it a bit. As in making it rather tall and long, like a foreign film from the 1970s. If anyone knows how to affect aspect ratio when saving a cell animation in photoshop why not help a sister out and tell me down below, otherwise enjoy a Pink Pug watching a fern grow into infinity...and beyond?

I hope all have a grand day. It's sunny and rather warm for an Autumn day round here, so a walk and stretch in Nature before returning to the 'drawing board' as it were.


I don't use photoshop for animations a ton but you can use the crop tool exactly like with an image and it will crop the whole gif. A quick way to make adjustments to gifs that I really like is an online tool called, you can compress and crop and do a few other simple things :)

I am too open source geeky to know about Photoshop, but maybe it just do the dog more powerful and manly, and maybe it like that (even if it is a bitch).

Also if you use the creativecoin tag you will get another coin on top of Steem and that can't hurt I guess. You should be able to log in here and see it:

And the Creative-coin website here.

So cool!
I just learned how to make the gif in potshot too :) So much fun!

Yeek. I haven't opened Photoshop in many a moon. That's a bizarre problem but I did like your description :0D

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such a lovely Gif :)
and beautiful pinky
Donna you might be interested in using new tags ,you were absent and there is some changes ,tags like : creativecoin , neoxian , lifestyle , palnet
for your art
have a nice day

Sorry I have no idea of how to resize it but well done that is so cool

I've been using photoshop 7.0 for years, and I still don't know how to create an animated gif. This one looks lovely.

Not sure what type of layer your cell style image is. Is it a line vector? I'm guessing this is a newer version of photoshop than I am used to. I'm using using crop to make the image smaller or edit-menu > resize to shrink and grow the layer, but this can degrade the image clarity sometimes.


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It's still adorable even with a screwy aspect ratio XD Can't help you out there unfortunately as I don't use Photoshop anymore and I haven't relearned how to do it with Krita or Gimp yet.

I'm so happy to see you back on Steem! And with such a cute GIF even! I hope you're doing well and your absence from Steem was because of 'good reasons' - this place should never overtake that part of life <3

Glad to see you using creativecoin as I'm a curator for them and love supporting my favourite artists <3 Cheers!