Checking in after a long break and a Doggo Gif

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I'd every intention of being back on Steemit well before mid November, but Life happens.

I've far too many things to go into, but I thought I'd post a fun gif I was working on yesterday for a bigger project I hope to share here WHEN it is ready and when I can return to the 'online life'.

I miss all of you and wonder WHO still remains here. I cannot believe it's been almost 5 months since my last post.

However, I just realized I cannot recall how to share an animation on here so I'll just share one of the 12 cells I made to animate the thing.


Surely a sad sort of return post, but I felt making the attempt would get me back into the mindset.

I hope all are still happy here and that some of my faves are still around.

Until my next post and some time to visit your pages, have a creative and amazing day.


Welcome back Donna! It's been such a long time seeing a post from you and it's so nice that you're sort of returning :) (or making an attempt to get back to the mindest.... which can be quite a huge hurdle, i know!)

love your lil doggo <3

OH good @veryspider You're here too!

Just use the upload image option instead of copy/paste the image. Select the .gif file to upload and that is that. :) Cute doggo

Welcome back :) Sometimes life happens and you need to pay more attention to some aspects than others, so don't stress and remember us when you have time ;D Puggo is cuteness :D

Yay @ryivhnn you're here too :) Can't wait to get back into the swing of it, tho that might still be another week or so :/

Ohhh so good to see you back Donna😊😊

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MMM carb free cake :) Thanks @georgeboya

I'm still here!!! Lovely to see you!!! :0D

Oh good @meesterboom I do feel like we're still 'the ole steemit' here sometimes

Nowt wrong with a bit of the 'ole Steemit' :OD

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Yay @c0ff33a you're still here. :)

I know I’m boringly predictable lol. Super drawing of the pup looking adoringly are the plant - I think he’s in love !COFFEEA

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Welcome back dear Donna ! We are happy to see you anytime, and time does not really matters indeed 😉

well I'm still here, and enjoying myself in this wonderful place 😊
Have a 9xwiz8.png my friend ! ^_^