A collage artwork by me: What is Dream?steemCreated with Sketch.

in art •  2 years ago

This is the first collage artwork of mine. I was going through a severe depression period when I started making collages out of pieces which I cut from magazines and old books. Each stage--selecting images, cutting them, bringing them together, gluing-- worked like magic for my healing. I thought you may get inspiration for starting doing your own collage artworks, especially if you're in a similar state to that which I was in. No matter how amateurish or unfavourable the result might be, don't let "I can't do it" stop you. Being productive will be revitalising, you can count on me about it.

At the right edge of the work, the text with a question mark asks: What is Dream?

Thanks for viewing!

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Very good collage @dimitrat and I am happy to read that you pass your depression . Anything that helps you move one step into the right direction is good and I encourage you to continue!

Collage is my FAVORITE medium!!! :D

I love recycled art!!! XOXOXOXO Cheers @dimitrat - it gets better!!


definitely, anybody can do it and get better in time. thanks for your appreciation!

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