Wicked version of Mr. Fantastic from the Venom series, part 2

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Now I will tell you about what happened next with the Maker. Actions continued on the original Earth 616. Dylan Brock called Reed and asked him to cure Venom (Eddie Brock) for cancer. Richards agreed. After some time, the Creator notices that Eddie is in a coma and decides to cure Brock of cancer and Venom. Maker told Dylan to temporarily not approach Creator and Eddie during the operation of separating the symbiote from Brock. Right after that, Ultimate Mr. Fantastic used powerful electric and sound cannons to separate Venom from Eddie. Fortunately, the main character managed to get Brock out of a coma, and also explain the essence of what is happening. After some time, Eddie began to beg Reed to stop the operation. Richards refused. It turned out that Brock was never ill with cancer. It also turned out that it was the symbiote that made Eddie feel bad. After a short conversation, the Maker learns that Dylan is not Eddie’s brother, but his son. After some time, Brock asked the Creator to increase the sound. Maker agreed. After some time, a piece of Venom hit the Ultimate Mr. Fantastic, and the sound and electric guns exploded. As a result, a piece of the symbiote wrapped the protagonist in a cocoon, and Reed knocked out Venom.
To be continued...
Richards has:

  • elasticity
  • immortality
  • multifaceted ubiquity
  • brilliant intelligence
    The equipment of the Maker are:
  • percussion suit
  • Negative Zone Conveyor
  • flying vehicles driven by zero generators
  • NASA space shuttle
  • Chronotunnel
    Creator vehicles are Fantasti-Car and Fantastic-Jet Boat.
    I hope you will like it.

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