Japanese version of Spider-Man from Spider geddon part 3

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Today I will continue the story of what happened next with Leopardon. Actions continued on Earth 13, on which Captain Universe died (Spiderman (Peter Parker)). The power of the Captain of the Universe is associated with the spiders, who, at the moment, was angry with those who called her. Miles began to insult and curse the power of the Captain of the Universe, which, after that, connected with Morales, making him the New Captain Universe (13) (Spider-Man (Miles Morales)).
After a while, the action continued on the original Earth 616 near the New Jackal Building (Ben Reilly), when the New Captain Universe (13) (Spiderman (Miles Morales)) led the rest of the spiders to fight the Heirs. Leopardon was flying in his canoe and was going to ram the building, when suddenly Daemos attacked him. Fortunately, Leopardon is saved by Spiderman Mecha (SP // dr). After a while, the protagonist arrived at the New Jackal Building (Ben Reilly) and saw the New Captain Universe (13) (Spiderman (Miles Morales)), using the sword of Leopardon, killed Soulus. Immediately after this, Superior moves the Heirs' consciousness, except Morlon, into the bodies of infants and gives them to the Old Spider-woman (May Parker). Immediately after this, the Power of the Captain of the Universe (13) leaves Morales. After winning Spider geddon, Leopardon returned to Earth 51778.
I hope you will like it.

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