Cosmic Ghost Rider in the series "Revenge of the Cosmic Ghost Rider"

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This character was once an ally of Galactus and the right hand of Thanos. The Cosmic Ghost Rider first appeared in the alternate future of Earth 616 known as Earth TRN666. After dying at the hands of the local Silver Surfer, he ended up in Valhalla, as well as in the distant past of Earth 616. Fortunately, thanks to the local Odin Borson, Frank got out of Valhalla and traveled to his Thanos's childhood to kill him. But seeing a young version of his previous master, Castle decided to take him under his wing, created a new timeline where his family survived, and local heroes and villains were sent to eternal torment in the "city of the Punishers". This world is known as Earth 18138. Seeing all this, the main character brought the young Thanos back, because of which this terrible timeline ceased to exist. After that, Frank learns that it was he who originally taught the future ruthless titan to kill. Castle later decided to play with the Earth 616 timeline. Unfortunately, due to the local Uatu the Watcher, these actions were completely erased from history. Arriving at the place of death of the local Thanos, the protagonist learns that he recently changed bodies with someone. Due to unsuccessful negotiations with some of the inhabitants of outer space, the Cosmic Ghost Rider temporarily became a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. After the battle with the reincarnated Thanos and Hela, Frank goes to Hell. Later, by order of the King of Hell, Castle crossed paths with the Avengers, the local Punisher, and then with Thor.

Today you will learn the continuation of the story of this character.

The action takes place on the original Earth 616. Once in the cemetery, Frank comes to the grave of Mary Castle (616). A few hours later, the Cosmic Ghost Rider unexpectedly meets the Punisher (616). Frank (616) attacks the Rider, the protagonist defeats Castle (616). Sitting on his motorcycle, the Cosmic Ghost Rider flies away. Frank later uses a flamethrower to burn most of the members of the Galactic Senate (616).
After 2 months, Castle, using a variety of weapons, kills several smugglers. Another 2 months later, Rider kills several members of the Shi'ar Empire (616).
After the battle with Gladiator (616), the protagonist gets on one of the Shi'ar prison ships, and the rest of the prisoners attack him. Castle blows up the entire ship.
A month later, the skull of the Cosmic Ghost Rider is found by space smugglers. After waking up and recovering, the Rider kills them. Then the main character accidentally encounters Cammi Benally (616). After destroying the smugglers' ship and using his punishing gaze, Frank sees Cammi's whole life, after which the heroes fly away.
Arriving on the planet Kanda, they destroy several stations and mechanical worms.
A few days later, the heroes arrive on the planet Natal Lax. By binding Benally, Castle kills most of the planet's marine life.
The heroes stop at the nearest space diner, where they are attacked by criminals. The Cosmic Ghost Rider destroys the entire diner.
After moving to the nearest planet and leaving Cammi there, the Rider flies to the other side, where he kills several local residents, and then the nearest spaceship with passengers. A second later, Castle runs into Benally again. The heroes are unexpectedly attacked by the emerging Cosmic King (616). During the battle, the Cosmic Ghost Rider sees Cammi being sucked into a black hole. The racer brutally beats the Cosmic King, but he, using an unknown spell, completely expels the demon from the body of the protagonist. As a result, Castle ceases to be a Cosmic Ghost Rider and becomes a Herald. Frank is joined by Benally, who suddenly appears. Using his cosmic power, Castle kills the Cosmic King. Mephisto (616) comes to the heroes, takes Cammi's soul and moves to an unknown place. Herald follows him through the hellish portal.
Thanks to his cosmic power, the main character manages to survive. After destroying several demons and looking around, Frank realizes that he is in the "transformed" Las Vegas (616). Castle is later attacked by other demons and ancient space demon parasite. After killing them all and getting his own hellish horse, Herald bursts into the Hotel Inferno (616), where he finds Mephisto. After a long conversation, Mephisto gives Benally's soul to the main character, and also returns the demon to that. As a result, Frank is once again the Cosmic Ghost Rider.
When Castle returned to that planet, Cammi woke up. The heroes are attacked by the revived remnants of the Cosmic King, who infected Benally. As a result, Cammi explodes.
After 1 month, the skull of the protagonist is found by Broods (616). After waking up and recovering, Frank burns all the local Broods to the ground. Sitting on his motorcycle, Castle flies away.

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