Cosmic Ghost Rider in the series "Cosmic Ghost Rider destroys Marvel History" part 3

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Today we will talk about what happened next with the Cosmic Ghost Rider. Actions continued in the past of the original Earth 616. J Johna Jameson sends Frank to the Crime Circus to take a photograph of Mechano. Arriving at the Crime Circus, Castle notices and understands that Mechano is the Hulk (Bruce Banner). After the conversation, Cosmic Ghost Rider decides to anger and expose Bruce. As a result, the Ghost Rider manages to anger and expose Banner, who immediately attacks him. After some time, Iron Man (Tony Stark), Ant-Man (Hank Pym) and the Wasp join the Rider. A battle ensued, during which the heroes defeat the Hulk, after which the Spirit of Revenge learns that Captain America (Steve Rogers) is still frozen, and Thor Odinson has not yet moved to Earth. Right after that, the main character sets off to save Steve. Right after that, the protagonist quits from "Dailey Bugle". After 3 months, Frank rescues and defrosts Rogers. Castle also brought Thor, Captain America, Mockingbird, Black Widow, Hawkeye (Clint Barton) and Tony together, resulting in a team called Avengers.
A few weeks later, Invisible Woman (De'Lila) invites Spiderman (Peter Parker), Rider, Gray Hulk and Wolverine to unite so that they fight with the villains together and avenge the death of the Fantastic Four. After some time, the heroes move to the Baxter Building. After some time, the Spirit of Revenge becomes a member of the New Fantastic Four, which includes:

  • Spiderman
  • Cosmic Ghost Rider
  • Hulk
  • Wolverine
    Having found the Mole-Man, mole-rats and Skrulls, heroes attack them. A battle ensued, during which the characters find out the truth about the fake Susan, and then unite with the Mole-Man, mole-rats and scrulls. After some time, the heroes notice that the Invisible Woman (De'Lila) and Mr. Fantastic decide to steal the egg of an unknown monster that hatches. After the conversation, the heroes cease to be the New Fantastic Four.
    A few months later, the main character arrives at Castle House, in which Frank's family is still alive. Unfortunately, the Punisher (Frank Castle) was absent at this time. Immediately after this, the main character decides to save his family and the Punisher (Frank Castle) from Costa bullets and becoming the Punisher. And so Fredo Castle appeared. Entering the house, the main character meets Frank Castle Jr. and Maria Castle. During a conversation with Castle Jr., Fredo tells him how he created the Fantastic Four and fought along with it. A few hours later, the Cosmic Ghost Rider tells Maria about his friendship with Spiderman (Peter Parker) and the rescue of the Scarlet Spider (Ben Reilly) from death. Having met Lisa Castle, the Ghost Rider tells her about his friendship with the X-Men and about his alternative apocalyptic future. After some time, the Rider meets the Punisher (Frank Castle). After the conversation, Frank attacks the Spirit of Revenge. A fight ensued, during which Frank and the protagonist simultaneously ran out of steam, after which Fredo reminds Frank of how they both, together with the Roaring Commandos and Captain America (Steve Rogers), fought in World War II. After the conversation, Cosmic Ghost Rider becomes a member of the Castle family. When the Castles family came to Central Park, the Ghost Rider tells the rest of the Castles family how he gathered the Avengers. After some time, the Rider escapes. Finding a criminal gang, the Spirit of Revenge attacks her. A battle ensued, during which the main character kills the entire gang, including its leader. Right after that, Watcher Uatu moves to Fredo. After the conversation, Uatu, using the "Infinity Gauntlet":
  • resurrects a murdered crime gang
  • forces resurrected gang to kill all members of the Castle family except Frank
  • erased all the heroes of the memory of the Cosmic Ghost Rider
  • erased the Cosmic Ghost Rider's memory of the intervention in the history of heroes
  • shut down Cosmic Ghost Rider in Raft Prison
    A few years later, the Ghost Rider recalls his interventions in the history of heroes and erasing memory, after which he is released by Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew), Daredevil, Luke Cage and Foggy Nelson. After the conversation, the characters are attacked by Carnage (Cletus Kasady). A battle ensued, during which the Rider rips Cletus to the floor, and then escapes. Some time later, the Spirit of Revenge settled in a cave, where he once killed Adolf Hitler with his own hands. A few days later, all the heroes come to the main character, including Canadian Spiderman. During the conversation, Frank tells the heroes about his origin, an alternative future, his interventions in the history of the heroes and erasure of memory. After the conversation, Iron Man (Tony Stark) invites Castle to join the Avengers. Cosmic Ghost Rider refuses. A few years later, the Ghost Rider, arriving on the dark side of the Moon 616, meets Nick Fury and Watcher Uatu. During a conversation with Nick, Rider tells him about erasing his memory. Also, the Spirit of Revenge tells Fury to kill Uatu, take the Watcher's eye and hide in an unknown place. After the conversation, the main character asked Nick to wait on the sidelines. Fury agrees. After talking with Uatu, Frank:
  • kills the Watcher and rips out his eye
  • gives Nick an eye, substituting him
  • asked Fury immediately to hide in an unknown place, while the young Punisher tracked him down
    Immediately after this, Castle flies into space.
    These actions took place before the Thanos Legacy.
    I hope you appreciate it.

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