Art: Portraits Set 1

in art •  2 years ago  (edited)

I've drawn some portraits. I just want to share some of them here. Enjoy:


Johnny Depp, unfinished, graphite on paper.


Bianca, graphite on paper.


Eunice (My Wife @haneun), graphite on paper.


Adeva, charcoal on paper.

They're usually in graphite/charcoal on board paper. Haven't drawn in a while so my skills now are kind of rusty. Hopefully I'll be able to produce art again soon, better art. (And maybe finish some unfinished artworks as well.)

Look me up online:

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You call this rusty? Then what does it look like when you're on fire? ;) Stunning!

Haha. Thank you so much, these were 2-4 year-old drawings. That Johnny Depp one stayed like that, unfinished. I haven't been drawing for a while. Too much stuff going on.

Well you're very talented. Would like to see more ;)

Will be posting old artworks first. If I have spare time I'd start practicing again and hopefully finish some new ones. Thanks for the support.

Nice portrait