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My grandparents were pretty unique for their time. They were artists, musicians, botanists, nudists, and really just all around free minded interesting people. They were hippies long before there were any hippies. And they turned just about everything into art. I think it's all really cool stuff, so in this post I'm going to share some of that art with you! Today I'm going to mainly feature some of my grandmother's pottery, as well as some pottery and hand blown glass made by my uncle. I hope you enjoy it!

These unique designs were my grandmothers signature style

Even the tables are made with custom hand made ceramic tiles

A teapot, a salt shaker, and a large jar

My favorite bowl

More of grandma's plates

Some of grandma's ceramic cups and some of my uncles hand blown glass

Some larger plates

More pottery by my grandma and my uncle

And we'll finish it up with some bonus flower photos from the front yard!!

Thanks for reading!


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Wow! Your grandparents were so talented! I love to hear about creativity from some time ago. In my family the life was only about work and no fun. Now my grandma is very old and I believe that she regrets a little bit the way they lived. She wished they were a little bit more spontaneous and did some crazy things. I see that your grandparents couldn't complain about something like that :)

Beautiful work and you are one lucky guy to have this collection! It must bring you some lovely memories of your grandparents :)

Have a great day!


Thank you! I am lucky to have these. I have very fond memories of my grandmother.

That is just so stupid cool it is amazing! What a treasure.

I have to tell you that both my grandmothers art work was ON the plates, not of them. One was a serious, no fooling, feed the thundering herd type cook and the other made magical tastes routine. I loved my Grandmother's kitchens. Best room in both houses.


Thanks @bigtom13! I know what you're talking about, there was nothing like grandma's cooking! Mmmm. Just thinking about it is making me hungry.

Wow, those are pretty cool man. Your grandmother was a talented lady no doubt. Life is all about being creative and your grandmother sure had loads of it. I really like how "old" they look. They seem like they have been dug up somewhere in Egypt. hehe

Thank you for sharing part of your family history with us. Have a great day, my friend. :)


Thanks @awakentolife! They do kinda have an "ancient artifact" kind of look to them. Something Indiana Jones would find and try to decode the symbols. lol!


It sure does look like something Indiana Jones would find in one of his movies. hehe Who knows maybe one day you will find out your grandmother was secretly an Indiana Jones and she actually did find these in Egypt somewhere. hehe And, they are worth billions now.. :P lol

Wow you are so lucky to have this pottery!!!!! It is amazing, so beautiful, they were definitely trend setters and didn't even know it :) What an heirloom you will always cherish. Probably smile every time you use it! AND LOVE the hummingbird!!!!!


Thank you so much @birdsinparadise! I cherish every piece. And I do still use a few of them, but most of them I have displayed on shelves in my house. The only piece featured in this post that I use is the one that says "my favorite bowl". The rest of these are pretty much retired. Although that salt shaker does still have salt in it. I should probably use it. lol. And I do have a few other bowls, plates, and cups that I didn't include here that I do still use regularly. And it does really make me kinda happy every time I use 'em!

The hummingbirds seem to love flying around my yard. I should try to get pictures of them more. I really liked how these ones came out. My grandma used to like to make drawings and paintings of the hummingbirds.

It was a special family to grow up in. I loved my mom and we were best friends.


You are my best friend. Love you!


I wanted to share these with you.


Thanks mom! You got some really nice ones. And that wall display you have to put them in works perfect.


I love you so much.

Wow, it's really cool! You can be proud!))


Thank you @amalinavia! I am very proud. My grandparents were the coolest!

Very beautiful pieces @derekrichardson! I've tried making pottery before - it can be time-consuming and difficult. But it is always very rewarding when you get that finished piece out of the kiln and it stuns even you, the creator!


Yep! I've done a little pottery myself, but my grandma was the master.

The designs made by your grandma are great and even timeless. You own a big treasure.


Thanks @ikarus56! I treasure my families artwork very much.

Unique things .. wow.. Really creative work , well they are treasure and can be use for any interior work.. Really i love them as an architect..I know i am totally professional but your grandmother is creative artist.. Thank you for sharing..


Thanks! I do still use some of the plates and bowls and cups that my grandma and uncle made. Although very carefully now since they can not be replaced.

I must say they are really unique, kinda nice to have artists in the family!


Thanks @joelai!

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Thanks @artturtle! You're so awesome.

I'm mesmerized by the form and design of these objects, they look very charming and vintage. Cheers!


Thanks @johnsnow1983!

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Thanks @appreciator!

This is so cool, @derekrichardson. What an awesome slice of Cali history you have. I'm so glad to see it today :)


Thanks @fitinfun! I was a little apprehensive about posting this at first, but I'm gad I did.

What treasures, and that much nicer because they were made by family. Thanks for sharing the story and images.


Thanks @kunschj! They are indeed treasures to me. Irreplaceable and invaluable.

I love these pieces! Your grandmother's unique style is so fabulous and whimsical! My favorites are the bowl and the plate with the woman walking under the moonlight! 🌘 I am also thrilled to see someone using the "blinkie" that I made for PHC! 😃

Thanks @thekittygirl! Weren't her designs so cool! I love 'em.

And I've had that blinkie saved on my desktop since you shared it, I was just waiting for the right time to use it! I thought it worked good there with my plea for dpoll votes. lol.

That's extremely well made! I really like all the the designs they've created. You have very talented grandparents ;-)


Thanks @daan! They were both very talented.

Reminds me a little bit of my family.. hippies, before there were hippies! Love those designs by your grandmother. Pretty up to date again!


That's awesome! My grandparents were way ahead of the hippie days, but when that came around in the 60's and 70's all the hippies used to like to hang out at my grandparents house. It's pretty quiet around here now days, but all the art is timeless.


so incredible <3 the creativity and talent, such beautiful pottery pieces !!! <3 The colours and design, the drawings on the surfaces <3 So wonderful, I love these very much. Your grandma and uncle are talented artists !!! * ___ *

And I love the photos at the end, the flowers and that hummingbird .... aaah the hummingbird is so wonderful <3 <3 <3

Love this post * ___ *


Thank you @veryspider! That is all very nice of you to say, and I'm really happy that you like the post! I wasn't sure if this would be something people found interesting or not, but I figured I'd give it a shot. And I just got lucky with that hummingbird shot. After the rain we've been getting here a lot of the flowers in my yard are blooming so I went out to get a few photos. And as I was photographing that blooming aloe the hummingbird flew up and started feeding on it! It was too cool. So I had to add it onto the post!

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