Creativity exists within the framework of Time, it develops, changes, and each picture (work) is evaluated not only because of its beauty but also its relevance, among contemporaries.

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Creativity exists within the framework of Time, it develops, changes, and each picture (work) is evaluated not only because of its beauty but also its relevance, among contemporaries.

Write as cool as Aivazovsky is not enough and old, alas. The niche is already full and those who need it, go to the museum for them.

Each artist must be individual, have his own face, be recognized. Your way, your handwriting.

And anyway, who really likes them, can print them out on canvas and cover with paste that imitates smears.

The picture must show the character of the author, his soul, must cling.

Masters "with ambition" do not want to be an understudy. Otherwise, you and your customers will not know.

I am personally for freedom of creativity, transformation and write what I want to see myself 😍

This is one of the most famous techniques, allowing artists as much detail as possible to capture elements. I wrote a lot about this technique. And today I want to repeat something, and then add something.

This will be like my point of view, and those deposits in memory that were preserved when I was studying in art school. By the way, many people ask me, you are a professional artist ", yes, I studied at the art school for 6 years, then years of practice.I can safely say that I am an artist, I love my work, I write pictures with love!

So, what is grisaille. Grisaille is a kind of painting that is traditionally performed using the same color with its tonal variations. It was also used as a visual representation of modern decor in the interior. And nowadays the grisaille technique began to be used in decorating rooms: pictures with various decorative objects created using this style are now used in any interior.

Using this technique, the artists tried as much as possible to transfer to paper 3D images. Therefore, the paintings were very realistic. If you compare these paintings with modern trends in painting, then they obviously have much in common with drawings in the style of 3D.

Typically, grisaille is one or two colors, most often a white-brown or black-and-white shade. Earlier, as a variant of the palette of this art, the so-called sepia was used. It was a special coloring substance that could be obtained by applying an ink bag of sea cuttlefish. Over time, the reddish tones dominated the palette. Modern masters use any color and shade, able to convey the original author's idea of ​​the artist. For example, it can be work using a lilac, gray or brown color. In addition, during the application of grisaille technique it is allowed to use special artistic whitewashes.  

Since grisaille is a painting based on the transmission of a tone with the help of shadow, light and color, it is recommended that this be carefully studied by beginning artists. 

As the experienced artists say, it is not difficult to determine the palette of objects. But it is clear, as one object is lighter or darker than another - this is real art. In addition, the use of this amazing technique allows you to build the right tone scale. And this is done using a special tonal scale consisting of approximately 5, 7 or 9 halftones. All this can be learned by learning how to draw in the style of grisaille. And only after studying this method, we must proceed to the application of multicolor watercolor.This type of technology can be conditionally divided into two types: artistic and educational. In particular, the first one allows you to create incredible volumetric images with the help of multicolored ink. But the second option is performed either with a thick pencil, or with charcoal. By the way, the method of teaching is used to create basic sketches, which over time are painted with different color shades.Teaching of the make-up technique begins with a traditional and simple still life. It is noteworthy that when composing them, it is best to use the most common models and objects. For example, it can be fruit plates, flower vases or any objects from household utensils. And only then you can go to more complex elements, for example, to figures of people.Grisaille helps novice artists understand and feel the relationship of tone and volume, without being distracted by the search for suitable colors. The technique of grisaille - most often performed in black and white or brownish white. This is a good way to deal with the tone in painting, when we work with a brush and paint, but without color, we translate the form into a spot, which, in fact, is a pictorial language. The practice of grisaille makes it possible to take a more meaningful approach to painting work, using in it everything that we know about working with tone and adding color to it.     


Grisaille is a monochrome canvas in gray tones in the range:

from dark to lightfrom contagious to not transparentfrom flat to volumefrom warm to coldAll the same, I studied for 6 years in an art school. Now I can write pictures and earn my life for life. Even when in the decree. I most often paint at night, or at lunch, when my baby sleeps.   

How to draw

Drawing in grisaille style is performed as follows:The sketch is made in pencil.Apply a light coat of paint - just a few strokes, excluding the bright places of objects.The work dries.When it dries, the student must find the shadows in the picture.He paints them in a darker tone.After drying, places with halftones are indicated. ATThe final stage with a light tone distinguishes the most illuminated places and glare.From my own experience, I know that after a few of these sessions, a sense of consistency in work develops. In a word, grisaille is considered the first step on the biggest staircase of modern painting. 

I paint pictures with love ❤ 

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Wow!! Beautiful art. You are a super creator. Keep it up. Thanks @daio.


thank you))))I am very pleased

Wuao que talento amiga @daio

Really lovely and great technique. And grisaille is such a good technique for all artists to practice tonal values and a great way for beginners to focus on just tone and form before worrying about colour. Great work, indeed.


Yes! I love to paint pictures in this technique)

muy buen trabajo! por eso te mereces resteem