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With the full awareness that modern culture is much broader than just electronic music, we suppose to keep some healthy balance between hardcore raving and other form of art, like poetry, books, drawings, paintings or fashion. Welcome in our second project called CULTURAL FOXES, where we are introducing you with artists which might be worth considering a part your time. In the previous episodes you could read about one of the most underrated artist ever aka me, raving soldiers in West Berlin after the end of Second World War, multi-disciplinary bizarre couple from another dimension Fecal Matters or polish folk psychedelic audio-madness called Ksiezyc. For our sixth episode we have a cherry-picked retrospective gem: versatile designer, perfumer, photographer and filmmaker, extravagant and spectacular



Born (21th December 1948) and raised in Strasbourg, France. Since the youngest years he was showing a lot of interest for drawing, however as a child he was trained for a ballet dancer in the Rhin Opera (Opéra national du Rhin). He also get the education at the Strasbourg School of Decorative Arts. After graduating, in 1972 he moved to Paris to start working in a fashion boutique and parallel as a freelance fashion designer, which quite quickly became his major profession. As a part of celebrating the first year in the City of Light, Thierry Mugler represented his first personal collection called "Café de Paris" which has opened a lot of doors and accelerate his carrier. On a daily basis he was responsible for supplying
variety of large ready-to-wear fashion houses in Barcelona, London, Paris or Milan. In 1978, he launched his fashion collection for men and opened his first boutique at the historical Place des Victoires in the 1er Arrondissement in Paris. Between 1980's and 1990's his carrier just went to the moon. It was hard to count all of sophisticated offers from all around the world which he consider to accept or reject, including David Bowie, George Michael, Madonna, famous costume for Cruella DeVille from 101 Dalmatines or Demi Moore's black dress from Indecent Proposal. Shiny fem-bots, fetish stuff, big shoulders/tiny waists costumes and lots and lots of inspirations from the natural world, other galaxies, and trans-humanism quickly became his trademark. Original, futuristic and extravagant approach to fashion gave him a title of internationally acclaimed fashion virtuoso. In 2003 Thierry Mugler disappeared from the front pages, catwalks and limelights, but not to rest on a farm with his Labrador. He regularly designs and supervises the production of costumes for videos which he direct, big concerts, theaters and operas.


You can see a Van Gogh at pretty much any major museum in the world, but good luck getting up close to a Mugler original.”
Nathalie Bondil


Few weeks before official lock down, we had an opportunity to take a part in Thierry Mugler's Exhibition in Kunsthal Rotterdam. Thanks to this rare event (European Premiere) we could learn about the artist and his work. Rooms full of costumes from a six-act opera Macbeth as well as videoclips from George Michel or Lady Gaga surprised and impressed visitors one by one. To keep us in constant attention, creators of this exhibition led us through different theme, like: Pop-Art Design, Pret-a-Porter Paris Fashion, Fem-Bots, Automotive, Metamorphosis. Creative walking path between original costumes with the archival footage in the background without any doubts can be described as unforgettable spectacle. Thanks to a wise construction, it was possible to reveal life, history and work of Thierry Mugler like chapters of an interesting story.


Thierry Mugler: Couturissime at Kunsthal Rotterdam



At the end of this overwhelming event we have entered into the cinema room and it was cherry on the pie. Many screens mounted on a wide wall repeatly played archival records from the fashion shows with costumes we were almost touching a moment before. It was a pure pleasure to watch those globally known supermodels having fun in one of the most unique fashion events in the history. With the beginning of March 2020 exhibition was shuttled down and it is rather unknown if it will continue at other venues. Until a clear decision you can watch my review or archival footage like legendary Haute Couture Spring/Summer 1997 shared below.

Thierry Mugler Haute Couture Spring/Summer 1997 Full Show | HQ EXCLUSIVE


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