Hacking NFTs PXL by PXL [PXLPETs on MarbleCards]

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Pet Collecting on the Blockchain

Germany-based artist Shoumi recently kicked off an NFT art collection called PXLPETs. This diverse ecosystem of creatures was cleverly made off of the NFT platform called MarbleCards. With MarbleCards, you can tokenize individual website addresses. For Shoumi, this represented a unique opportunity (and a design challenge) to convert a fun DeviantArt collection into individually collectible artworks.

It's an exciting time to be / or become a Non-Fungible Token. There are so many ways for creatives to leverage tokenization, build collections and new global cultures to celebrate their work. Make sure to explore this fun new PXL-topia!

Take a look at the collection, here.

It costs around 0,011 ETH (1,46$ atm) to marble a card. Once you marble an URL you initiate an auction. While this auction is running anyone can buy it. If you wait around 11 hours and no one buys it during that time its yours! Congratulation you are a proud PXLPET owner! If you don't like it anymore just sell it on OpenSea! :D

Images courtesy of Shoumi.

Website: https://steemit.com/@shoumi
Project Announcement: Link
DeviantArt: https://www.deviantart.com/pxlpxl/gallery/
MarbleCards: https://marble.cards/

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