Tiger Stencil Painting

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One of the stencil artists that inspires me a lot is Katie Robinson. I read an interview of hers about a couple of years ago and she mentioned using whatever materials available to you if you can't afford the expensive stuff. One thing I remembered she recommended was to use wood panels if you can't afford canvasses.

Wood panels? Why didn't I think of that? I have plenty of wood panels lying around at home which came from a piece of old broken furniture. I thought of getting rid of them but somehow the hoarder in me said to keep them for future art projects.

So I have been thinking of doing a tiger stencil painting and I thought this is the perfect time to use my wood panels.

I found a copyright-free public domain image of a tiger and manipulated it on GIMP to create my stencil.

And here are my wood panels. I removed the screws and sandpapered them. I only need one for this project though. I didn’t have gesso at the time of this project so I didn’t prime the surface. If you have gesso, I highly suggest you apply it to prime the surface and make it slightly textured.

I applied the first layer of the background using acrylic paints. Usually, I don't have the result I want in mind. I just play around with the paints, not thinking much about the end result. I am just enjoying the process. I painted the background mainly using green, blue and yellow to create that forest look and feel. So here is the outcome. I set it aside and let it dry.

After the paint dried, I traced the hand-cut stencil on the wood panel.

And finally I used red and vermilion paints to paint the tiger.

...and it's completed! Please note that I didn’t varnish the completed painting. I suggest you varnish the surface to seal it from dust

What do you think of this painting? Share your thoughts in the comment section below :)

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