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My son is still unwell and so do I. I have been having a sore throat for the past few days. I knew it will develop into a nasty cough in the next couple of days. Though he is no longer having a high fever, my son is still a bit unwell and lethargic. I don't get to do any art today other than to draw this ugly monster face in my sketchbook.

Why a monster?

I don't know. I guess it represents the most common thing that holds people back from achieving something - fear.

I hate fear but it is a constant friend. The friend that I don't want to keep. Yet she is always like a shadow, ever loyal to be with me wherever I go and in whatever state I am in. I can't seem to shake her off. Not entirely.

I wish God doesn't create fear but God does and does not do things without purpose. Fear is essential for basic survival. Without fear, we all would lead a stupid and dangerous life like driving at full speed towards a cliff. Well, a suicidal or insane person would probably do that but not normal people.

But excessive fear is harmful because it often produces unnecessary worries that do nothing other than keeping you awake at night or raise your blood pressure.

"Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength."
― Corrie ten Boom

That is very true, doesn't it? What can fear and worry of today do other than empties today of its strength? There are things we can control in life but there are also things we can't control. If it's something you can't control, what can you do about it?

What is the monster (or monsters) that you are afraid of today?




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Get well soon @coloringiship, both you and your son.

Your monster drawing has so many watchful eyes, its upper teeth included. It's as though they are germs/viruses that snoop and latch themselves on you, slowing down your recovery process.

You are right, all of us have monster(s) within us. Mine is the fear of impermanence, what I have today may not be here to stay. 😢


Thank you @redtomato. We are feeling better today though.

You are right about the fear of impermenance. I think all of us have it. I know I do.

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Thank you!

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Saya and anak lelaki sya pun baru sembuh... Musim demam mkali...

Itu mata sya nampak mcm Illuminati pula 😁😁


Ya memang ramai yg sakit. Kelas anak saya almost half tidak turun sekolah this week pasal sakit demam berjangkit2 sampailah kami anak beranak.

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