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The Leaves Of The Flower Need To Have Some Shine

Flowers are precious part of the most valuable moments of our life. They have an important role in joyous and somber occasions.
And now digital fractal flowers are a new inspiration for virtual gardens. These beautiful blooms are born from math and geometry with different colours, shapes and sizes.

Flower Meanings

Flowers have a language of their own and got unique meanings.
Let's say 'Red roses symbolize love and desire'.
Other symbols are like power, passion, happiness, romance,
sweetness, admiration, adoration etc.

Some of the well known most beautiful flowers are:

Tulips, Roses, Orchids, Daffodils and Marigold

What Is Fractal Art?

Fractal art is a kind of art using algorithmic/geometric calculations with computer.
As they are based on mathematical formulas, fractals are unique and unusual shape patterns.
By using different filters and repeating the process many times, i get my work done.
I try different styles of morphing to finish my art as i like.

You can also check my other fractal works with #cinelonga-art tag

Digital Art With Vibrant Colors

Art is an essential element in our lives,
please show your support for art!


... Arts enhance property values, contribute to community vitality ...
... Explore the world, you will begin to notice new things ...


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