Juan y chema, the neighborhood boys.

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Hello to all Steemiants, I come to show you two of my drawings, they are simple drawings but with good history and art.

They are Juan and Chema, two great friends who met on the street.

the street is a world of madness and perdition for those who do not know how to survive in it, these 2 young people have been surviving together day by day. My name is Alexander, and I met them in the community where I am from. They defend the community of aggressors, thieves, and even the national guard or police who want to abuse innocent people.

These two friends seek how to survive, live together and die together always, the street can be a place of darkness and fear, but with the right person and with the courage for whatever, the light will always be lighting up your path for more obscure than be the path.

More Drawing:

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